Mintra purchased a Toolkit from QHSE ABERDEEN , this is what they said…


We are asking a couple of recently Certified Organisations…..

Why did you implement the system you have?

Mintra delivers software as a service (SaaS) solutions for Training and Competence Management Solutions, HR, crewing and payroll and generic and bespoke training courses to our customers. In addition we have internal IT services supporting our employees to deliver to customers. As such it is vital to us to demonstrate our strength and commitment to continual improvement through achieving and maintain ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems certified status. We achieved 27001:2013 this year and intend to update to the 2022 version at next audit.

How it benefits your business

Many of Mintra’s customers are oil majors, service companies and some of the major shipping and ship-owning companies who demand nothing but the most secure software systems. When tendering and being audited, if Mintra can show ISO 27001 & 9001 certified status, this greatly reduces security and management system questions saving both time and resource as well as giving the customer the comfort that they do not just need to take Mintra’s word for it as DNV and Bureau Veritas have certified our ISO certificates.

How did you go about it and what advice would you give others thinking about starting on this route?

I cannot recommend purchasing a QHSE Aberdeen toolkit highly enough. When first looking at an ISO standard and achieving Lead Auditor and Implementer competence in an organisation, you are left with an incredibly daunting prospect to ensure the management system covers all. The workload is significantly reduced by the purchase of the toolkit, then there is the comfort of knowing that this toolkit has been used by many organisations before you to successfully achieve certified status. At Mintra, we were able to take some items from the QHSE Aberdeen kit to expand on some of our existing documentation, but also rather than starting from scratch with legal register, Statement of Applicability and Policies we were given a real leg-up. By purchasing from QHSE Aberdeen you’re not left on your own. Any questions about the toolkit or compliance and you have a competent expert willing to assist when needed.


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