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Organizations seeking a suitable, adequate, and effective management system need to conduct Internal Audits, to ensure that the business functions are as intended. The audit, when carried out correctly, identifies weak links in the system as well as potential opportunities for improvement.

Effective auditing:

To be effective, internal audits should be conducted in a consistent manner, by competent people, in accordance with the audit plan. Audits should be conducted by people who are not involved in the activity being examined, to give an independent view on what is being performed. The internal audit acts as a feedback mechanism for the top management; it can give top management, and other interested parties, assurance that the system meets the requirements of the ISO Standard. How the internal audit process is managed is a key factor to ensuring the effectiveness of a management system.

“The organization shall plan, establish, implement and maintain an audit program(s) including the frequency, methods, responsibilities, planning requirements and reporting, which shall take into consideration the importance of the processes concerned, changes affecting the organization, and the results of previous audits”

By applying risk-based thinking, this requirement is intended to focus the internal audit program on those processes and areas where past history indicates that problems have occurred, or where problems are likely to be ongoing, or are likely to occur, because of the nature of the processes themselves. These problems may result from issues such as human factors, process capability, measurement sensitivity, changing customer requirements, changes in the work environment, etc.

Internal audits are an effective tool for determining the levels of conformity of the organization’s management system to its selected criteria. They provide valuable information for understanding, analysing, and improving the organization’s performance.

In addition to Internal Audits / First Party Audits our consultants can also undertake Vendor Audits / Second Party Audits on your suppliers and Certification Body / Third Party Audits as required.

Our specialist Consultants can advise and assist you with all aspects of auditing to support you with ensuring that both your Organisation and your suppliers Organisation QHSE Management Systems conform to the required standards.


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