Biosus Energy, asked QHSE ABERDEEN for advice and support throughout their ISO Journey, they said...

Why did you implement the system you have?

The main reasons we have implemented ISO 9001, is that our Directors were seeking a methodology to implement based on Risk Based Management and Continuous improvement and this is provided by ISO 9001 and our new QMS. This will ensure we are doing our work to a recognised standard, and in a standardised way.

How does a Management System Benefit your business?

The benefits internally are that everyone knows what is expected of them and the systems and processes to follow.

This means we can make improvements to the process when we see gaps and another engineer can pick up the task and move it forward in the same way.

Additionally, it opens up opportunities for bigger projects as it is a requirement from some large prospective clients.


How did you go about it and what advice would you give others thinking about starting on this route?

Starting off was a little daunting and research showed that a lot of work was required to put the system in place.

Once the base of the system was in place, help was sought from QHSE Aberdeen to make sure that what we were doing was correct and followed ISO requirements.  This assistance was invaluable and saved us a lot of time making sure we were on the correct path.

The consultant, from QHSE Aberdeen went through the system and made suggestions on where we were falling short and where we were doing too much.  I spent some time following their suggestions and making the required amendments.

I would recommend anyone starting out on this journey, to do their research and engage QHSE Aberdeen to help and advise, but most important of all is to realise this is not just about getting a certificate but is an ongoing way of working that involves the entire company at all levels.


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