QHSE ABERDEEN supported eCerto with their IMS development, this is what they said...

Why did you implement the system you have?

Even though eCERTO is an early-stage tech start-up, we need to operate and deliver to all clients according to the expectations of our most sophisticated corporate clients.

We are currently supporting corporate clients across the energy sector to secure and deploy project finance globally with INTEGRATI®, which requires building trust among multiple stakeholders.

As such, eCERTO took the strategic decision to lead by example and develop an Integrated Management System that demonstrates our commitment to continuously improve service delivery, whilst protecting the environment and ensuring information security.

To assist the company in achieving these requirements, we committed to operate in a manner that conforms to the International Standards ISO 9001 / 14001 / 27001.


How it benefits your business?

Besides significantly improving our reputation with clients and investors, an immediate benefit for eCERTO is our readiness to grow the team exponentially to deliver our value proposition globally and beyond the energy sector over the next few years.


How did you go about it?

With expert support provided by QHSE Aberdeen, enabled by Scottish Enterprise, we focused on creating a system based on pragmatic policies and procedures that truly represent the way eCERTO works in compliance with customer requirements, by integrating all management, operations and support processes to ensure customer satisfaction.


And what advice would you give others thinking about starting on this route?

Operating in a manner that conforms to these International Standards requires a significant commitment from all the company, including its key partners.

Make sure you plan, assure and control the development and implementation of your integrated management system according to what your company really is in relation to its customers.

Seeking expert advice on this matter is a must to ensure success, eCERTO achieved it thanks to QHSE Aberdeen.


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