Excelling in ISO Compliance and Beyond: Broadening Horizons with QHSE Aberdeen’s Training Courses

In today’s competitive business landscape, organisations strive for excellence across various domains, including Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental and Information Security Management. QHSE Aberdeen, a leading training provider, offers a comprehensive array of courses designed to empower professionals and organisations in their pursuit of excellence. This article explores QHSE Aberdeen’s ISO Auditor courses while also highlighting additional training opportunities available through its diverse curriculum.


QHSE Aberdeen is renowned for its specialisation in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) courses. The following ISO Auditor courses (all courses are designed for Foundation, Internal or Lead) provided by QHSE Aberdeen enable professionals to excel in compliance auditing:


ISO 9001:2015 Foundation/Auditor/Lead Auditor Course:

This course focuses on quality management systems (QMS) based on ISO 9001:2015. Participants gain expertise in conducting audits, identifying non-conformities, and providing recommendations for continual improvement.


ISO 14001:2015 Foundation/Auditor/Lead Auditor Course:

Tailored for environmental management system (EMS) auditors, this course explores ISO 14001:2015 requirements. Participants learn to evaluate environmental performance, identify potential risks, and suggest sustainable practices.


ISO 45001:2018 Foundation/Auditor/Lead Auditor Course:

This course is designed for occupational health and safety management systems (OH&SMS) auditors, emphasising ISO 45001:2018 standards. Participants acquire skills in auditing OH&S performance, assessing risks, and recommending improvements.


ISO 27001:2013 Foundation/Auditor/Lead Auditor Course:

This course targets professionals involved in auditing information security management systems (ISMS) based on ISO 27001:2013. Participants learn to assess information security risks, evaluate controls, and propose enhancements.


Additional Training Opportunities at QHSE Aberdeen:

In addition to the ISO Auditor courses, QHSE Aberdeen offers extensive training programs to meet diverse industry needs. Some of the notable courses available on their website training page include:


Risk Management Training:

This course equips professionals with the skills to identify, assess, and manage risks within their organisations. It covers risk analysis techniques, mitigation strategies, and the development of effective risk management frameworks.


Incident Investigation Training:

Focused on investigating workplace incidents, this course enables participants to conduct thorough investigations, identify root causes, and implement preventive measures. It emphasises incident reporting, evidence collection, and post-incident analysis.


Safety Leadership Training:

This training program aims to develop effective safety leaders within organisations. Participants learn leadership techniques, communication strategies, and behavioural approaches to foster a safety-conscious culture.


Environmental Sustainability Training:

Addressing environmental concerns, this course provides knowledge on sustainable practices, resource conservation, and compliance with environmental regulations. It covers topics such as carbon footprint reduction, waste management, and renewable energy initiatives.


Quality Assurance Training:

This course focuses on implementing quality management systems and achieving operational excellence. Participants learn about quality assurance principles, process optimization, and customer satisfaction measurement techniques.


Feedback from Participants:

Here are a few testimonials from participants who have benefited from QHSE Aberdeen’s training programs…


ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course  –   “Lee is a great Trainer.  Happy to explain further when unsure of context


ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Course  –  “Enjoyable Course, Thorough, well explained


IMS Internal Auditor Course  –  “Excellent Course, Well delivered.  Correct length and detail level



Emma – Sustainability Coordinator:

“The Environmental Sustainability Training offered by QHSE Aberdeen was enlightening. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable practices. This training has helped us implement impactful initiatives and reduce our environmental footprint.”




QHSE ABERDEEN’s client Mitosis Digital Technologies, who gained ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems last quarter, explains why they chose these standards and what difference it will make to their business.


“Obtaining the ISO certifications has enabled Mitosis Digital Technologies to improve its operations through the implementation of effective processes to manage information security risks, increase customer confidence and build on an already impressive track record of customer satisfaction.


As digital construction specialists, Mitosis is hoping the ISO accreditation will provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace, attracting new clients into the world of 4D visualisation and the benefits of digital construction.


Huge thanks to QHSE Aberdeen for helping us achieve the double accreditation – we couldn’t have done it without you!”



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