QHSE ABERDEEN – Objectives and Strategy planning

On Friday 19th January we had our first Team day at The Chester Hotel.
As we stride into 2024, we wanted to share a glimpse of the vibrant energy that fuelled our first Team Day of the year! At QHSE ABERDEEN LIMITED, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration, where every voice, from the directors to each valued team member, plays a crucial role in shaping our journey. Setting our Objectives for the year ahead was our first goal (practicing what we preach!) following on from our previous news article “Now is the Time to Set Company Objectives for 2024″ 😊  We discussed the strategy for year ahead and we all benefitted from some brainstorming and creative thinking.

We also witnessed enlightening presentations from several members of the Team, each unveiling a piece of the grand puzzle that is our strategic plan for the year. As we delved into discussions, ideas flowed seamlessly, paving the way for a roadmap that truly mirrors the collective vision of our incredible team.

In the spirit of recognition and appreciation, we faced a delightful dilemma – how to choose just one outstanding contributor?

The answer was simple… we couldn’t! Hence, the grand finale included not one, not two, but three prestigious Employee Recognition Awards. Each recipient stood as a testament to the exceptional dedication and passion that defines our QHSE ABERDEEN LIMITED family.

Well done …..  Helen McInnes for Customer Service Champion, Jane Pack for Top Performer and Aileen Dunnett for Positive Attitude Awards! 🏆
Congratulations went to the whole team, as, together we make QHSE ABERDEEN LIMITED ❤️

How do you set your objectives and capture consultation and participation within your organisation?




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