QHSE Aberdeen Directors’ Italian Adventure: Strengthening Partnerships and Savoring Culture

In an exciting development for QHSE Aberdeen, two of its directors embarked on a journey to Ravenna, Italy, to visit one of their valued clients, Rosetti Marino. This trip wasn’t just about discussing UK projects and business matters; it was a delightful fusion of professional collaboration, cultural exchange, and of course, delectable Italian cuisine.


QHSE Aberdeen is a dynamic consultancy firm that extends its expertise in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) services to organisations across Europe. They are well-known for their ability to streamline QHSE projects, ensure legal compliance, conduct thorough vendor audits, address environmental issues, and, most importantly, create meaningful connections between their clients.


Rosetti Marino, a renowned Italian engineering company with a global presence, has been a longstanding client of QHSE Aberdeen. The collaboration between the two companies has not only yielded impressive results but has also fostered a strong professional relationship.


The journey to Ravenna was not just a business trip; it was an opportunity for the directors of QHSE Aberdeen to strengthen ties with their Italian partners. As they touched down in the picturesque coastal city, they were welcomed with open arms and warm Italian hospitality.


The primary agenda of this meeting was to discuss ongoing and potential projects in the United Kingdom. With Brexit implications and changing regulations, the need for streamlined QHSE services has never been greater. The directors of QHSE Aberdeen had the opportunity to align their strategies with Rosetti Marino’s requirements and expectations, ensuring a smooth and productive partnership.


However, this trip was not all about business. The directors and their Italian counterparts engaged in rich cultural exchanges, experiencing the best of Italian traditions. Discussions often veered towards art, history, and of course, the mesmerizing Italian cuisine. The directors indulged in authentic pasta dishes, savoured world-class pizza, and explored the local delicacies that Ravenna had to offer.  Italian food and drink hold a special place in the hearts of many, and this visit was no different.


Beyond the formal meetings, this trip allowed for invaluable networking opportunities. QHSE Aberdeen’s directors and Rosetti Marino’s team spent quality time together, fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s goals and values. Building these relationships will undoubtedly strengthen the collaboration between the two companies.

The directors of QHSE Aberdeen returned home with a wealth of business insights, a renewed sense of partnership, and a suitcase full of memories. This journey to Ravenna, Italy, showcased how professional collaborations can transcend borders and evolve into meaningful friendships.


As QHSE Aberdeen continues its mission to assist organisations across Europe with QHSE projects, legal compliance, vendor audits, and environmental concerns, their commitment to bridging gaps and building relationships remains unwavering. The Ravenna adventure serves as a testament to their dedication to excellence and their appreciation for the diverse cultures they encounter along the way.





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