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Welcome to the September edition of our QHSE ABERDEEN Newsletter!

September sees the return of Offshore Europe during the 5th –8th of September 2023 at the P&J Live, Aberdeen, Scotland.  A great space to connect and network with all the exhibitors and visitors alike.  Going round these events we are always blown away by the number of Organisations that hold ISO CERTIFICATION in such high esteem.  ISO certification in the supply chain translates to reliability, compliance, innovation, and sustainable practices, all of which contribute to a positive and rewarding business relationship. If you are going along to the event and would like to discuss ISO Certification, Vendor Audits, and Training or would just like a coffee, then please contact us to see who will be there on which day.  Look forward to meeting some of you in person.

If you can’t make the Offshore Europe event, there is always The Safety Expo 2023 21 September 2023 at P&J Live, Aberdeen.

The Northeast’s only dedicated QHSE event is back and bigger than ever before, showcasing local safety-related solutions, products, and services.

We will be exhibiting, so why not pop along and join us for a coffee and cupcake.

Book your FREE place here.

Join in and learn about SCOTLAND’S CLIMATE WEEK 25 SEPTEMBER – 1 OCTOBER 2023

 Scotland’s Climate Week is an annual event that encourages individuals, communities and businesses to come together to show support for tackling the climate emergency. It’s also a great opportunity to share success stories which can inspire others to take action.

There is also The World’s Leading International Event For Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage on 27-28 September 2023, Messe Bremen, Germany

Carbon Measuring and PAS 2060 Verification.

Elevate your company’s reputation to unprecedented heights with QHSE ABERDEEN LIMITED‘s prestigious PAS 2060 verification. As a pioneer in sustainability and quality, achieving PAS 2060 certification demonstrates your unwavering commitment to carbon neutrality and environmental excellence. This internationally recognised standard not only signifies your dedication to minimising carbon emissions but also showcases your organisation’s proactive approach to addressing climate change. By attaining PAS 2060 verification through QHSE ABERDEEN LTD, your company gains an undeniable competitive edge, setting you apart as an industry leader in responsible business practices. Stakeholders, clients, and partners alike will admire your conscientious efforts, fostering trust and admiration. As sustainability becomes increasingly crucial in today’s landscape, your PAS 2060 verification becomes a beacon of integrity, attracting like-minded collaborators and environmentally conscious customers.

If you are not ready to go the stretch of PAS 2060 then you can elevate your environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility with our cutting-edge carbon measurement technology. Seamlessly integrated into your operations, this innovative solution empowers you to accurately quantify your carbon footprint across every facet of your business. By gaining real-time insights into your carbon emissions, you’re not only taking a pivotal step towards a greener future but also positioning your organization as a frontrunner in the global sustainability movement. As consumers increasingly demand transparency and eco-conscious practices, our Carbon Measuring Solutions will benefit the planet, enhance your brand reputation, and foster customer loyalty. Join us in shaping a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow while driving your organisation’s success today!

Impactful sustainable business practices

According to a 2020 Ipsos survey1 for the World Economic Forum, globally, 86% of all adults surveyed (21,000 from 27 countries) agree that “I want the world to change significantly and become more sustainable and equitable rather than returning to how it was before the COVID-19”. More precisely, 46% strongly agree and 41% somewhat agree with that proposition, while 14% disagree (10% somewhat and 4% strongly).

The UK Government has set a net zero target2 for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy by 2050 with Scotland reducing that by 5 years to meet its net zero emissions3. With this in mind a sustainable business will develop efficient and ecological solutions while keeping up with the provisions required by law.

As more companies embrace the concept, here are some sustainable business ideas, large and small, that could make a difference for your organisation:

  • Engage the workforce with SMART campaigns, add these to your company’s business objectives and targets: Not for Landfill (One Stop Waste); Try “meat-free” days; Save Our Wild Isles; Organise a litter-picking day; Join the Million Tree Pledge; Donate to or work with an environmental charity; Help the bees – create a garden or plant window boxes with bee-friendly plants (remember to consult the workforce and check for those with bee allergies first!); Encourage employees to track their home’s sustainability efforts and offer milestone rewards
  • Organise a lunch and learn: View a net zero webinar; Listen to a climate podcast; Discuss climate change; Talk about high-quality carbon projects; Get ideas from your workforce
  • Decorate with plants inside and out – good for the environment, good for well-being
  • Create a sustainability page on your website
  • Green your pensions (although make sure you get sound financial advice)
  • Reward low emission travel (carsharing/walking/cycling etc.)
  • Reduce business travel and flights: Perform Teams meetings instead of physical travel when possible; Support remote/hybrid and flexible working where possible (saves fuel both travel (petrol/diesel) and energy (heating)
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: Set up clearly labelled recycling bins; Educate and involve the workforce on what can (and can’t) be recycled; Cut back on single-use products, encourage reusable items like mugs and utensils; Reduce paper usage by going digital; Buy refurbished equipment or refurbish own equipment for re-use
  • Rethink your supply chain: Work with sustainable and fair-trade suppliers; Source locally when and where possible but make sure the end result is in line with your sustainability and business strategies; Obtain materials responsibly
  • Switch to: a low carbon website green hosting
  • Make your office/workplace more energy efficient Limit “vampire power4”: turn off monitors at night; unplug chargers when not in use; skip screensavers Get an energy audit; Change to LED lights (but remember to get a lumens evaluation carried out); Change from light switches to sensors in offices and public areas, until then… switch off the lights in rooms not in use; Insulate the building; Turn off heating when it’s warm, turn down heating by a degree or two in the winter; Don’t heat the workshop then leave the roller shutter doors open all day; Change less efficient fuels to more energy efficient sources; Replace outdated appliances with greener counterparts where possible; Redesign workflows – consider how this may affect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) processes; Conserve water: report and repair dripping taps or other sources of waste; don’t fill the kettle if you’re making a hot drink for 1 or 2 people; install water saving devices (taps and toilets) Power the business through renewable/alternative energy sources: solar; wind; hydroelectric; bioenergy; hydrogen? (vehicles)
  • Measure your carbon footprint QHSE ABERDEEN LIMITED can help with that !
  • Fund high-quality climate action projects
  • Fund high-quality carbon credits (1 carbon credit = 1 metric tonne of CO2e) Gold Standard Carbon Neutral Britain (certified to UN Sustainable Development Goals – SGDs)* Verified Carbon Standard (Verra) (certified to Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCBS) and Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SDVista)) Puro Standard (dedicated to carbon removal credits)***

·        Celebrate wins! Communicate your actions on LinkedIn, your website, and don’t forget to shout out about it internally too.

There are many routes a business can take to become more sustainable, both socially and environmentally. The path it follows will depend on the size of the organisation and its structure, whether it supplies products or services, what its objectives and targets for sustainability are5.

Driving change to address these concerns is high on everyone’s agenda but ensure your organisation’s changes are genuinely green and not considered “greenwashing”. Don’t deceive your stockholders with misleading or false information about your environmental impact, actually minimise that impact. Put a robust and effective strategy in place and see it through to carbon neutrality; offset carbon emissions (CO2e) against high-quality projects.

 SourcesIpsos.comGov.uk2 Scottish Government3


ISO 27001 Information security management systems

Why does ISO 27001 matter?

In a world where cybercrime is increasing and new threats keep coming up, managing cyber risks can feel tough. ISO 27001 helps organizations become aware of risks and find and fix weaknesses.

ISO 27001 suggests a complete way to keep information safe: checking people, rules, and technology. Following this standard with an information security system helps manage risks, enhance cyber resilience, and improve how things work.

By putting into action the information security structure outlined in the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, you can:

·        Decrease your vulnerability to the increasing danger of cyber-attacks.

·        React to changing security threats.

·        Guarantee the safety, confidentiality, and accessibility of valuable assets like financial records, intellectual property, staff data, and entrusted third-party information.

·        Provide a centrally managed system that safeguards all information in one location.

·        Ready your workforce, procedures, and technology across your organization to confront technology-related risks and other dangers.

·        Safeguard information in various formats, whether paper-based, cloud-based, or digital data.

·        Trim expenses by boosting efficiency and reducing ineffective defence technology costs.

Check out the details on


September also sees our ISO 9001 LEAD AUDITOR COURSE, there are still a couple of spaces if you have not yet booked a place.  11th September 5 day course, Westhill.

Future Training courses include …

IMS ISO 9001/14001/45001 3 day Internal Auditor Course 16th October

ISO 14001 Environmental Course, 1 day Foundation level – 9th October,  2 day Internal Auditor 10th October.

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Course, 1 day Foundation – 30th October ,  2 day Internal Auditor 31st October


Next Month ..

Find out about WORLD STANDARDS DAY 14 OCTOBER 2023  where the leading developers of international standards, the IEC, ISO, and ITU urge the global community to unite in this endeavour.

That’s all for this issue of our QHSE Newsletter! We hope you found the information valuable and time well-spent. Remember, investing in QHSE best practices leads to improved performance, increased stakeholder confidence, and a safer work environment. Stay tuned for our next issue, packed with more useful tips and updates.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or topics you’d like us to cover. Until next time, stay safe, and keep up the great work!

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