Choosing an accredited certification body is crucial for ISO Certification.

Choosing an accredited certification body is crucial for organisations seeking ISO certification. The International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) provide valuable information on the importance of accreditation.

In an extract from Quality World magazine (June 2017), Rob Fenn, CQP FCQI, chief executive of the British Assessment Bureau, reveals how cowboy certification is threatening the reputation of ISO 9001:2015 and the industry. He speaks to UKAS about the value of accreditation and the pitfalls for organisations tempted to cut corners.”

Accreditation ensures that the certification body operates according to internationally recognised standards and guidelines. It demonstrates competence, impartiality, and reliability in conducting audits and assessments. Accredited certification bodies are subject to regular evaluations by independent accreditation bodies, ensuring their continued adherence to high-quality practices.

Organisations that opt for non-accredited certification bodies run the risk of their certification not being widely recognised or accepted. Accreditation provides credibility and trust in the marketplace, as it signifies that the certification is based on rigorous evaluation and meets internationally recognised standards.

Moreover, many procurement processes, government contracts, and industry sectors explicitly require ISO certification from accredited bodies. Choosing an accredited certification body increases the chances of accessing new markets, participating in tenders, and complying with regulatory requirements.

In summary, selecting an accredited certification body enhances an organisation’s reputation, increases market acceptance, and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. It provides assurance that the certification is credible, reliable, and recognised globally.

Here at QHSE ABERDEEN we encourage our Customers to stay clear of non accredited Certification and employ an accredited Certification Body saving the old sayings..“Buy cheap, buy twice” “You get what you pay for”

Many organisations “check out” their potential suppliers prior to engaging and can see if they have a UKAS Certified ISO Certificate.   If you need to check the accredited status of the management certifications of your supplier / potential supplier or competitors…
UKAS’s free-to-use online database of management system certifications, lets you see instantly. 

QHSE ABERDEEN are triple certified (UKAS of course) to ISO 9001/14001/45001


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