Carbon Neutral for QHSE Aberdeen

We are proud to announce that QHSE ABERDEEN have now been certified CARBON NEUTRAL, we like to practice what we preach and being certified to Carbon Neutral was an important step in our fight against Climate Change.

As we are all aware, since COP26 there has been a push within industry and business to become carbon neutral, the most common way to achieve this is to offset. PAS 2060 is the only internationally recognized standard for carbon neutrality. PAS 2060 maps the four key stages to carbon neutrality, measurement, reduction, offsetting, and documentation. At the end of the process verification as a carbon neutral business can be achieved.

The PAS 2060 follows on from existing standards such as ISO 14001 and PAS 2050 that deal with the emissions of products throughout their lifespans. The PAS 2060 standard allows your business to strengthen relationships with customers and contribute to the fight against climate change.

An important part of the PAS 2060 process is that the standard allows the company to purchase carbon credits to offset their carbon emissions, but it requires that the offsets meet certain criteria, and the company cannot receive PAS 2060 verification using offsetting alone but must have a carbon emission reduction plan in place.

Industry and business can also benefit from signing up to initiatives such as SME Climate Hub which is “a global initiative that aims to mainstream climate action in the small to medium sized business community and enable SMEs to build resilient businesses for the future.”

As an environmentally conscious business, QHSE Aberdeen have signed up to the SME climate hub and have completed the process of becoming a carbon neutral certified business. With our business being the implementation and maintenance of Management systems for our customers, we have begun to see an increased interest in either implementing a standalone IS014001 environmental management system or incorporating it into the customers’ existing ISO9001 & ISO45001 systems to create an integrated management system (IMS).

We have also seen an increased interest in implementing the PAS2060 standard to help customers achieve carbon neutrality. We have helped the customer with the process of measurement, reduction, offsetting, and documentation which leads to their verification as a carbon neutral business.

QHSE Aberdeen’s team of qualified and experienced consultants are available to assist with your needs whether that is implementing an ISO 14001 EMS or incorporating the EMS into your existing management systems, we can also assist if you want to move your business towards achieving carbon neutrality by utilising the PAS2060 standard.



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