ISO 27001- Customer Feedback

Feedback is important in all lines of business.

If you are certified to ISO 9001 you must record feedback.  The organization should monitor customer perceptions of the degree to which their needs and expectations have been fulfilled

There are many ways to monitor customer satisfaction feedback both positive as well as negative.

There is no more flattering way to receive feedback than your customer writing an article about how proud they are to have achieved ISO 9001 AND ISO 27001

Here, Appetite for Business are featured in the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce website celebrating their hat-trick awards.


Following a series of rigorous audits supervised by QHSE Aberdeen, internationally recognised UKAS certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 were achieved last month. The first ISO standard focuses on efficient quality management systems and assures effective people and processes are in place to deliver high-quality outcomes to clients. In the context of a sharp rise in cyber threats, the second ISO guarantees that strong information security systems, processes, and controls have been created to protect employee, client, and other private information. Thus, while being compliant with national and global law requirements.

As a government-backed scheme, Cyber Essentials Plus further indicates the Microsoft 365 expert’s dedication to protect its business against data breaches and threats through a comprehensive system audit.

Sheryl Newman, Chief Executive Officer of Appetite for Business, shared: “These certifications are the gold standard in terms of assurance and confidence to our customers, partners, and staff; showing that we are taking the greatest measures to remain highly performant and resilient. They also assure the correct measures are in place to protect the data of our customers. I want to thank all the team involved in the certification process and the ongoing hard work to ensure we continue to uphold and maintain high standards.

“I also want to thank QHSE Aberdeen who offered exceptional guidance while preparing for and going through the multiple ISO audits.”

David Rusling, Director at QHSE Aberdeen, added: “The Appetite for Business team has shown very high levels of commitment to continuous improvement throughout the whole process. Last year, we helped the technology expert gain ISO 27001 certification, and we were pleased to see this year their unwavering strive for customer care and service.

“We have witnessed the business expanding over the past 12 months, and we were delighted to assist them in developing and implementing additional management systems during this time.

“We welcomed the opportunity to provide advice to Appetite for Business for future projects as they are continuing to make their growing organisation more efficient and streamlined for their clients.”


How do you monitor and evidence your feedback?




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