Why should we implement ISO 27001?

ISO 27001

Why should we implement ISO 27001?

Organisations should consider implementing ISO 27001 for several reasons, including:


Information Security Management: ISO 27001 is a standard that provides a framework for managing and protecting sensitive information within an organisation. By implementing the standard, organisations can ensure that their information is secure and protected from unauthorised access, theft, and loss.


Compliance: Compliance with ISO 27001 is often a requirement for organisations that deal with sensitive information or have contracts with clients that require compliance with certain security standards. Implementing the standard can help organisations meet these requirements and demonstrate their commitment to information security.


Reputation: Implementing ISO 27001 can help enhance an organisation’s reputation by demonstrating to customers, stakeholders, and partners that it takes information security seriously and has implemented best practices to protect sensitive information.


Risk Management: ISO 27001 provides a risk-based approach to information security management. Implementing the standard can help organisations identify, assess, and mitigate risks related to information security, thereby reducing the likelihood of security incidents and their impact.


Business Continuity: Implementing ISO 27001 can help ensure business continuity by providing a framework for managing information security incidents and ensuring that critical information is protected and available when needed.


It is undeniable that the requirements of ISO 27001 may seem daunting, even to those with experience of other ISO management system standards, but our team of qualified ISO 27001 lead auditors are here to help translate the requirements into your business in an effective manner, allowing you to gain maximum benefit from your management system.

ISO 27001 will provide you and your business an information security management system which conforms to legal requirements in your location and a platform for growth.

The benefit of an Information Security Management System certified to ISO 27001 is that you will have the confidence to know your business is complying with the law and your customers will have confidence in your resilience and ability to manage their information.


In summary, implementing ISO 27001 can help organisations manage information security risks, meet compliance requirements, enhance reputation, and ensure business continuity.


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