Why Choose Training From QHSE ABERDEEN?

QHSE ABERDEEN is a leading Consultancy and Training Organisation that has issued 100s of certificates to their own Clients for bespoke courses and on public courses. They are dedicated to helping businesses improve continually as well as understand their ISO Management Systems, which is why QHSE ABERDEEN offer training services in addition to development and implementation of ISO Management Systems. All of the courses offered, are taught by highly skilled Lead Auditors / H&S Trainers, and they can even tailor the training to meet your company’s unique objectives.  QHSE ABERDEEN offer organisations the opportunity to invest in their staff through the services delivered by highly experience consultants.


QHSE ABERDEEN provide an extensive selection of training and coaching for your Staff.  As a Leading QHSE organisation they are determined to use their broad knowledge and expertise to take your Company to the next level.


ISO related courses

Internal Auditor Training, Foundation and Lead Auditor Training courses for..

Health & Safety Training

QHSE ABERDEEN can train your staff, so they understand ISO 45001 standards for occupational health and safety, learn how to migrate from OHSAS 18001 or gain the skills you need to perform internal audits.

With an estimated 80% of workplace accidents resulting from unsafe acts, not unsafe conditions, developing and continuously supporting a strong safety culture through training and updating skills you can create a strong safety culture which will safeguard your employees, revenues, and reputation.


This month we were proud to be featured in the OGV Energy Magazine as a leading Training Provider in the North East of Scotland.



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