Who needs ISO 9001 certification?

Who needs ISO 9001 certification?


Although no Company NEEDS ISO certification to operate, many organisations, large or small, regardless of its sector find that they have a greater chance of securing contracts and winning tenders if they are Certified.


Why is this?


ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a standard used by organisations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet regulatory and customer requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

“ISO 9001 Certified” means that an organisation has met the requirements within the ISO 9001 Standard.


Will our business benefit from ISO 9001?


ISO 9001 Certification benefits ..

  • Improve Efficiency, Reduce Waste, and Save Money
  • Meet Customer Requirements
  • Improve the Consistency of Your Operations
  • Achieve International Quality Recognition
  • Improved customer retention and acquisition
  • Consistent outcomes measured and monitored.
  • Identify areas for planned improvements in your processes.
  • Stand out positively from your competitors.


Checking that the system works is a vital part of ISO 9001 and an organisation performs internal audits to check how its quality management system is working.  Your business can do this by training staff to be Internal Auditors, or, like the majority of our Clients, they may decide to outsource Internal audits to a specialist independent consultancy such as ourselves at QHSE ABERDEEN

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