How much does it cost to get ISO 9001 certification?


There are 2 main options for achieving ISO 9001 Certification.

Non-accredited – This type of certification is generally carried out by a non-accredited certification body (not accredited by UKAS / other AIF approved Organisation) who tend to offer a service that includes both consultancy and certification (although the certification may be from a sister company to give the impression of independence); This creates an obvious conflict of interest as a Company should not assess its own Consultancy work.

We would generally recommend avoiding this type of certification as the Certification Bodies undertaking approach do not usually operate in line with spirit of the ISO Standards.

Accredited Certification – The certification body is accredited by the official national accreditation body, and that the national accreditation body is a member of the IAF, such as UKAS in the United Kingdom.

Always our preferred option when our Client asks our opinion.

This approach demonstrates total independence & impartiality between the implementer of the Quality Management System and the Certification body assessing the system.


What’s involved….

The cost associated with developing and implementing a QUALITY Management System ready to be certified, and the cost of the actual Certification Body.


PART 1 If you choose to outsource to a Specialist Consultancy such as QHSE ABERDEEN, the cost for developing and implementing a QUALITY Management System ready to be certified depends on what you already have in place, the size of your organisation and the sector that you work within. Does your organisation design or create products and how intricate are the documents required to be?

The QHSE Consultant will spend an allocated number of days developing the bespoke system up to the point of Certification, this will include carrying out Internal Audits and guidance through the Management Review Meeting which allows you to identify any potential problems that can be ironed out before the actual audit.


PART 2 Once you have chosen your preferred Certification Body, they will quote you a price, this will cover a Stage 1 (Documentation Review) and a Stage 2 (Certification Audit) of the process.  If everything is in order, the Auditor will issue a certificate stating that your organisation’s QMS complies with ISO 9001:2015 and recommend you for ISO 9001 certification.

Part 1 can cost an average of £3750 – £6000 (depending on the gap analysis results / what is already developed and in place)

Part 2 Can cost an average of £800 – £1500 per day (2 days minimum required to get through Stage 1 and 2) depending on which Accredited Certification Body you choose.

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